El Gregal, Curridabat

"Through open communication, shared decision-making, and the integration of diverse perspectives, participative design fosters a sense of ownership and empowerment, ultimately resulting in a design that better serves and resonates with the people it is intended for..."

This modern villa is located in Curridabat and is part of one of the best condominiums in the town. The El Gregal condominium offers large lots and urban planning that create a safe and enjoyable environment. The house is home to a large family of 5 members and several pets. The house has been designed with personalized spaces tailored to each family member’s hobbies and interests. It features an attic with electronic stairs, a small car workshop, and a spacious social area for parties and family activities, all centered around a built terrace and a green outdoor platform.

The architect used a participative design approach, involving designers, users, and stakeholders in a collaborative process. This approach aims to create user-centered, inclusive, and responsive solutions by actively involving those affected by the design. 

  • Status: Completed 2017
  • Site Area: 924 m2
  • Project Area: 450 m2
  • Project Type: Single Residential
  • Project Manager: Eric Bogantes
  • Contractor: Alianz Architecture
  • Landscaping: Alianz.cr
  • Electrical Design:  Ing. Pablo Dompe.
  • Photography: Sebastian Perez