Bahiana 2, Esterillos

"A contemporary beach house that seamlessly combines the client's transition from a hacienda lifestyle in Côte d'Ivoire to an open beach life in Esterillos..."

In this design, the African savannah is gently replaced by the serene beauty of the Central Pacific, a dream of contemporary architecture that echoes the tranquility and fullness of nature and landscape.
Clients accustomed to the visual breadth of space have chosen a location facing the sea as a link of peace and spirituality, thereby focusing their energies on enjoying life and all its pleasures through the interaction of the architectural space with the environment.
The project’s genesis arises from the vision of creating an environment that evokes the coexistence of friends and family as the central axis through the interaction of large social spaces that blend with the site’s natural richness.
These spaces are designed for enjoying breakfast in front of the sea or a glass of wine at sunset, a pool afternoon with the grandchildren, or a barbecue with friends.
During the design process, even with the difference in languages and cultures, communication was not an impediment to the development of the project.
The client’s vision, the natural beauty of the site, and the boundless potential of ideas have all contributed to a creative process that has enriched the design, resulting in a project that is a source of great satisfaction and joy.

  • Status: Completed 2018
  • Site Area: 1968 m2
  • Project Area: 450 m2
  • Project Type: Single Residential
  • Project Manager: Arch. Eric Bogantes
  • Contractor: Alianz Architecture
  • Landscaping:
  • Electrical Design: Ing. José Pablo Alvarado C. 
  • Photography: Conecat