Heliconias House, Curridabat

"The design stands out for its purity and majesty and the personalization of each space to suit each user..."

Curridabat, the most populated city east of San Jose, is one of the sectors with more and better services in the country. The urban development of this place with high employment rates has made the mountains of the area the best and most colorful places to live, as they are the best visual of the city. In just five minutes, you can escape the bustle and all the local pollution. In this very privileged area is the Heliconias – Colinas de Montealegre condominium. This unique property offers a serene escape from the city while being close to all the necessary amenities.

The Heliconias project was designed with family time in mind. The owner, a family of 4, wanted a home that would foster warmth and intimacy, with the flexibility to open up the house to the terrace and the entire first level for family gatherings. This project is a testament to the importance of family and the joy of shared spaces.

The combination of the skills of the architect Manrique Gil and the decorator Patricia Morales turned that project into the meeting of two highly experienced professionals to build another nice presence house in the mountains of Curridabat.

  • Status: Completed 2018
  • Site Area: 1082 m2
  • Project Area: 485 m2
  • Project Type: Single Residential
  • Project Manager: Arch. Eric Bogantes
  • Contractor: Alianz Architecture
  • Landscaping: Alianz.cr
  • Electrical Design:  Ing. Pablo Dompe
  • Photography: Sebastian Peréz