The new architecture

As Alianz only one. Explore because we are an office of vanguard. The projects of the new era of architecture with balanced costs under a comprehensive professional team with simplified design and execution methods. Transform the complex into simple.

Architect Eric Bogantes

Eric Bogantes is an avant-garde architect in search of new forms of contemporary architecture. With an integral and humanized philosophy by emotional spaces. Founder of Alianz in 2010, he continues his profession as a designer, project inspector, and company administrator.

The creative Team

The Alianz Team is made up of young architects with solid training. With a base of 10 years of experience, the work team has evolved into a strict selection of comprehensive professionals with high creativity and humanized belief values.


Central offices in the center of the capital. Regional offices central pacific central and pacific north. We design and build throughout the country, we do design commissions globally.


Be attended by our founding architect of and discover the potential of your investment. From the on-site field visit to the selection of finishes for your construction, Alianz’s personalized service is a planned methodology guided throughout the entire process of your projects. From the conceptual proposal to its marketing.


A project for each client personality. Alianz is distinguished by its unique design. We have an exclusivity policy. Alianz designs are unrepeatable. Have the guarantee of exclusivity already included in each of our services, and get an unrepeatable original product.


Mutual respect and the credibility are fundamentals pillars of the work requirements at Alianz. We have a strict work ethic. We do our best to finish the project with a quality superior to the client’s expectations. The experience, personality and dreams of our clients are mixed in design works created in the office to seek a clean and clear panorama to solve and where the personality and customs of the client are incorporated.

quality as design pillar

When quality is a standard of service. At Alianz we are committed to delivering the best within the real possibilities of the projects. Maximizing investment is our goal. Design quality is committed to highly detailed construction plans. Construction by execution in stages and with structured budgets is part of our services.


All-in-one integrated office. We carry out projects with a diversity of scales and a diversity of styles. From family homes to large-scale master projects, commercial use, or residential use, get a unique projection with our team. We work in alliances with investors and clients for projects of all levels.