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Construction Interior Design Modern Structures Thinking outside of the box
Construction Interior Design Modern Structures Thinking outside of the box

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Our multidisciplinary team, consisting of architects, engineers, interior decorators, inspectors, and construction builders, facilitates seamless collaboration from project commencement to completion.

Alianz is a company that focuses on modern design with avant-garde ideas, specifically in architectural design and construction. Our designs are inspired by contemporary solutions and creative approaches for each project. We incorporate a variety of styles and approaches, resulting in exclusive designs with great originality. Our multidisciplinary Architecture and Engineering team ensures high quality and environmental awareness in all our projects.

Creative designs require organized constructions. We believe that the construction experience should be an enjoyable experience. Accompany the realization of your designs with a professional team dedicated to construction. Organization is everything.

Alianz construction systems have more than 15 years of experience in the market, in which we have developed a culture of constant improvement and professionalism in the execution of projects, to turn the complex into a simple solution.

Distinctive architectural elements can differentiate properties in a competitive market, creating unique selling propositions and commanding premium prices. Overall, investing in architecture is not just about constructing buildings but about crafting experiences and environments that resonate with people, fostering a lucrative synergy between design excellence and real estate profitability.

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Consultation and initial meeting

Design director Eric Bogantes conducts a online or physical meeting with the client to recognize the aspirations, budgets and and functionality of the project. With this information we prepare a budget with a program of spaces, budget and schedule of steps.


Concept design

Based on the client's requirements, our designers create a concept design that outlines the overall vision for the project. This includes conceptual guidelines, floor plans, 3D models, or computer-generated renderings.


Permitting and approvals

Once the client approves the concept design, we begins to develop detailed drawings and plans. This may involve collaborating with engineers, contractors, and other specialists to ensure that the design is feasible and and comply with all goverment regulations.


Construction proposal

Our offers a budget, schedule and different construction modalities so that the client has one more construction option in our company made up of an entire team of professionals and construction workers with many years of experience, and hundreds of built projects.

"Building a legacy, one project at a time"

Whether you're an architect, designer, or simply someone with an interest in the built environment, our latest projects are sure to inspire and challenge you.

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"Our team is comprised of experienced architects, designers, and project managers who share a common goal of creating exceptional spaces.

"Meet the team behind the construction"

"Our team is comprised of experienced architects, designers, and project managers who share a common goal of creating exceptional spaces.

Arq. Eric Bogantes Arrieta

Arch. Eric Bogantes


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Architectural Art

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Arch. Esteban Rodriguez

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