Sierras, La Union

Minimalist design, the house located in a cold climate zone, is a minimalist gesture of use and simple geometric shapes that articulate well with the pauses and rhythms of pure design. The house with two levels and terraces takes advantage of the use of materials carefully chosen to preserve and maintain the concept. The BO concept furniture stars in the style of the house, as well as a few breaks of purity with the use of decorated walls, and gestures of lighting.

The house is designed for a very rainy town so the large central canoe evacuates the water in a centralized way and goes through a big facade glass side to create the visual effect of seeing the rainfall from the largest window of the house. Extended roofs using as terraces with the plastic wood, creates many possibilities of sharing the space with friends and family in the area with the best view of the lot.


Sierras de la Union