Alto de las Palomas

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Alto de las Palomas is a architecture contemporary residence design by Alianz. Imagine a project that unfolds as a sequence of carefully crafted planes and interconnected spaces, all meticulously ordered to create a continuous and immersive experience of volumes, designed to be explored on a human scale. This architectural endeavor seeks to harness the transformative power of architecture, magnifying our environment, emotions, and ultimately, our lives.

Situated in Escazu, this project embodies a delicate balance between good design decisions and the maximization of space, all achieved with a conscious consideration of cost. Walking the fine line between a modern look and simplified volumes, it combines clean, uncluttered lines with the warmth and vibrancy unique to tropical architecture.

The architectural composition unfolds with a sense of intention and purpose, with each element contributing to the overall harmony and functionality of the space. The arrangement of planes and spaces is carefully orchestrated to create a seamless flow, allowing occupants to move effortlessly and organically through the environment.

The design embraces simplicity as a key guiding principle, celebrating the beauty of unadorned forms and clean surfaces. The project rejects superfluous embellishments and instead focuses on refining the essential elements, stripping away unnecessary distractions to reveal the inherent elegance of pure architecture.

Yet, while minimalist in nature, this architectural project also exudes a tropical warmth that is quintessentially Costa Rican. It skillfully incorporates locally sourced materials, natural textures, and indigenous design elements that evoke a sense of place, connecting inhabitants to the rich cultural heritage and lush natural surroundings.

By blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces, this project allows the vibrant landscape to merge with the architecture contemporary design. Large windows, open layouts, and carefully positioned courtyards invite natural light, fresh breezes, and captivating views to infuse every corner of the space, creating a harmonious relationship with the surroundings.