Bahiana 2, Esterillos

Clients accustomed to the visual breadth of space have chosen a location facing the sea as a link of peace and spirituality, thereby focusing their energies on the enjoyment of life itself and all its pleasures through the interaction of the architectural space with the environment .
The genesis of the project arises from the vision of creating an environment that evokes the coexistence of friends and family as the central axis, through the interaction of large social spaces that blend with the natural richness of the site.
Spaces designed to enjoy a breakfast in front of the sea or a glass of wine at sunset, a pool afternoon with the grandchildren or a barbecue with friends.
During the design process even with the difference of languages ​​and culture, communication was not an impediment to the development of the project.
The illusion of the client, the natural beauty of the site and the infinite potential of ideas resulted in a creative process of enriching design with results full of satisfaction and good times.
An architecture that is enjoyed from its design process, is an architecture full of positive energy for the development of great projects that excite us and become our big dreams.


Esterillos Este