Lofts Tower

In Heredia there is an area of commercial expansion and vertical development initiated by the Oxigeno mall. The first shopping center that manages to efficiently incorporate principles of urban development balanced with concepts of public use and sports. That is why we at Alianz decided to design this contemporary tower, to reinforce the new trend of transformation of the city. A unique landmark in the city, which hopes to be the first trigger for the concentrated towers of Heredia aspiring to vertical development.

Oxigeno tower with its sleek design, luxurious amenities, and central location, offers to the residents a unique urban living experience. The tower’s modern exterior showcases clean lines and glass facades, while the interiors feature open-concept living spaces flooded with natural light. Residents can enjoy exclusive amenities like a fitness center and rooftop terraces with stunning city views. Each loft provides a flexible living environment for personalization. Oxigeno prioritizes sustainability and is situated in close proximity to vibrant city centers, offering an exceptional urban lifestyle in Costa Rica.

In this contemporary tower design you can experience the best of both worlds in this versatile multi-use building. The ground floor is dedicated to thriving commercial spaces, offering opportunities for various businesses to flourish, and allowing the users to have all they need to a walkable distance. The loft apartments provide stylish and contemporary living spaces. With its modern design and convenient location, this building seamlessly blends commercial vitality with residential comfort, creating a vibrant and engaging vertical development.



San Francisco de Heredia