Madero Negro 40

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Alianz architecture embodies an exquisite harmony of organized systems and expansive artistic expression. Each design showcases meticulous attention to detail, evoking a sense of fluidity and purpose in every construction decision, you can clearly see those principles applied in this modern house.

Our latest achievement graces one of Alajuela’s burgeoning condominiums in the southwest. This contemporary masterpiece epitomizes the delicate balance between privacy and familial intimacy. The front facade captivates with its expression of elegance, modernism, and unwavering security, while the rear of this modern house embraces an ethereal concept of lightness, transparency, and an immersive connection with the surrounding environment making the most of the pool and terrace area.

At the core of our design philosophy lies the concept of a singular, horizontal block. Its pristine white volumes serve as a canvas for architectural purity, juxtaposed against polished concrete adorning the lower regions, creating a captivating contrast. Deliberately placed windows and entrances intersect these planes in geometric harmony, crafting a façade that pulsates with rhythm and captivating sequences.

Through the marriage of sophisticated elements, our architectural ensemble represents a testament to the unwavering vision of We strive to create modern designs that seamlessly blend artistry and functionality, ultimately offering an immersive experience that captivates the senses and enriches the lives of those who inhabit them.

You can check a more detailed video of this project here.

La Guacima de Alajuela


Sebastian Perez