Stellar House, EUA

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Stellar House in Abu Dhabi is a contemporary luxury design By Alianz.

The design starts from a dense, spherical center that represents the core of every celestial body in space. Just  as on the planet earth, the  cores are densely strong geological reactions, the sphere in the project is a circularly carved onyx rock. This spherical circular shape and its meaning is something present in the oldest culture of Costa Rica. The indigenous geological discovery with the greatest significance in our territory are the large rock spheres carved by hand. These spheres is the greatest work discovered of our ancestors, I believe that ancient traditions also sought a  cosmic meaning of their existence, and to perform such work in a primitive culture can only be a product of that in it they found the satisfaction of meaning of their existence. Therefore,    performing an act of sculpting the pure geometry  of a sphere is an act of love of life or pursuit of our spiritual side.

The materials of Stellar  House are composed of concrete coated in light color that represent an invisible gravitational force, after which a circular water radius surrounds the whole house as do the satellites of the planets, the water represents the circumference path of the satellites.

As a decorative material, we have ‘marble plates, to bring a luxury feeling to the whole design. The love of marble is born in my visit of the  Antollini factory in Italy, the largest, most impressive and beautiful factory in the world in July 2018 in search of my Hermosa 360 project in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica. My sales agent Sara  Scipioni  is waiting for me at the time of my visit,  We were my girlfriend  Ferjiglow and Sara, my saleswoman, only, so I hoped to be a  simple visit. On the day of my visit Sara shows me everything that is possible to achieve with marble ranging from incredible imitations of floors with wood texture,  translucent precious stones,  textured marbles, and plates treated with technologies that make it twice as durable, and by itself the visit was interesting, but everything becomes more incredible when in one of the workshops,  without any hierarchy, simply one more workshop of the more than   30 ships of the place we went through a man who did their daily work, detail and polishing. We pass behind them and continue down a  dark corridor, then narrow stairs to an underground that lead to a dark glass door. After that door opens one of the most beautiful surprises of my professional life and person, the secret museum of  Antollini. A museum is hidden underground where you will find the most creative and impressive forms of the use of marble, More than 10 large-scale rooms that combine the aesthetics of color, touch, and the design of varied spaces ranging from rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and spa spas where the most exclusive marbles are used without any limitation as if creativity itself is the only creative energy that mattered in that place. An incredible place to describe, capable of sensitizing anyone to the art of nature. God is the very artist of creation.

As a complementary material, we have the Arab grids. These cloths provide decoration and visual control of light, and have been used in Arab construction for many years,  in our project geometry is used as geometries of rocks, and represent the penetration of the force that has made  Stella, an explosion of energy. The strength of its center is so strong that it penetrates on the thin cloth creating a geometric pattern.

Stella House is a contemporary luxury design mystically inspired artistic architectural design product. A photograph of a frozen state of time, an energetic space possible to travel, made to feel, enjoy and share. Its conceptualization is an act of contemplation of universal beauty.


Abu Dhabi, EUA