Villa 13, Playa Hermosa

This contemporary Villa 13 is our last project contracted in 2017 for the development of luxury home rentals The Reserve. It is located in the mountains of Playa Hermosa de Jacó, about 1km from the beach, its privileged topography is the highest hill of some of the mountains in the area. From it, it is privileged to be a 360 degree view, surrounded by views of the sea and the jungle.
The land comprises 5000 meters and to create a low environmental impact, the municipality allows building only 10% of the lot, which is why it has been adopted to maximize the contact space in the lot to a minimum, for this purpose, perimeter walls were built to support a solid platform where the design was built and adapted to the axes provided by the same nature.
Alianz-pure architecture is considered the most original architectural language of the company. This means that it has been developed years ago from its own bases and foundations that are distinguished by open spaces, diagonal strength, infinite leaks and minimalist use of materials.
It is an authentic and original language like few in the world
The contemporary villa is designed to maximize visuals and establish an icon of dynamism and emotional strength in strongly dynamic spaces. With 7700sqft has large social spaces, multiple spaces for outdoor entertainment covered and under the sun, a large integrated corridor of fountains and gardens, visual to the sea interrupted, firepits, jacuzzi, swimming pools and private areas of fun.
You can check a more in detail video of this villa here.


Playa Hermosa, Jaco