Comercial Design

  • Master Planning
  • $ 2/sqm
  • master plan design is a dynamic long-term planning document that provides a conceptual layout to guide future growth and development

  • Commercial Design
  • $ 7.5/sqm
  • Design and development of projects in collaboration with engineering and environmental management, and construction subcontractors.

  • Project Development
  • $ 10/sqm
  • Development from the concept to the construction permit. Complete project management with our recommended professionals.

Comercial Porfolio

Get more reach in your business with the Alianz design.



1. Concept + Requirements

Process Start Point
A large-scale project starts from graphic conceptual ideas that give us an understanding of the design solutions that can be used. At Alianz, we start with 3D visual concepts that give us a macro understanding and a unified vision in a concept to provoke interest in investors and project partners.
A preliminary study of the possibilities of the project is carried out according to regulations of different local institutions and the requirements guidelines and the legal framework of the project are established for the elaboration of the design.

2. First Creative Model

Duration: 4 to 6 Weeks
As the intention to hire architects is to generate a design product with a lot of creativity, the first creative model. It is an original product of the company, although the client generated a brainstorm, it is the company’s criteria to design a contribution in a free style to generate new, fresh and original ideas, it’s intended to create a pattern of design and an approach new to the project. At this meeting the client is in the decision to accept the selected architectural language line, or can request changes or a completely different one.

3. Adjustments & Reviews

Duration: 4 to 12 Weeks
In adjustment models, the client has preselected a design style according to his taste,  the design constantly evolves with the feedback provided and continue to finish a stage of changes and adjustments for final approval of the client, this process is constant feedback with the client with the virtual or face-to-face meetings, the project can remain very similar to the first creative model or otherwise evolve to something totally different. Achieving the best creative product in relation to cost, size and possibilities is the objective.

4. Detailed design & promotional visuals

Duration: 4 to 10 Weeks
In this stage the architectural part has been defined, the interior details and construction details are tuned with adjustments to create a clear and more defined design, where the client is oriented in a possible decoration style to feel the space. 3D video maximizes the understanding of the realistic feel of spaces. Our hi-end visuals collaborate to sell the project and create interest in all partners and the sales department.

5. Architectural Plans & Stamps process

Duration: 4 to 8 Weeks
Architectural plans are elaborated which are dominant for the creation of commercial projects. Based on them, the specialists are based to generate the complementary specifications. The architectural plans in the BIM system are the official language to preserve the design concept presented to reality.
With the completion of the architectural plans, the process of paperwork can begin, which usually begins with the management of an environmental construction license.

4. Specialist team hiring

Duration: 2  Weeks
In the development of commercial projects, engineering specialties are subcontracted. At Alianz we have a number of engineers who have worked in our team. From the recommended options, offers are made according to the architectural plans prepared. Specialty professionals are independent companies or engineers who provide complementary studies such as environmental management, structural engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and sanitary systems, road design, civil site design, fire engineering, geography, geotechnics, among others.
Depending on the complexity of the project and the site regulations, the need for certain specialists varies. The final work team is approved by the client based on the offers presented.

6. Engeneering & Blueprints

Duration: 6 to 8 Weeks
The project management process requires coordination between all the parties involved to carry out the construction plans for each specialty. There is a constant coordination with the architects to solve the unification of all the needs, equipment, and requirements of the project.

7. Compilation of specialist plans

Duration: 2 Weeks
After the coordination process between design and adjustments, the plans of all the specialists who participated in the project are unified to create a compilation of final construction plans. With this we proceed to the procedures of each institution.

8. Construction permit process

Duration: 3 to 6 Weeks
After the coordination process between design and adjustments, the plans of all the specialists who participated in the project are unified to create a compilation of final construction plans. With this, we proceed to the procedures of each institution.

9. Construction bidding

Duration: 3 to 6 Weeks
In this phase, the company provides the services of processing all the relevant documents for the start of construction. Additionally, the construction, inspection or project management offer of services is delivered, so the client will have Alianz Estudio as a simplified and simple option to build the project.

Other Alianz Services

Accompany the realization of your designs with a professional team dedicated to construction. Organization is everything.

Decoration and style. I work together with the designers to personalize the internal space. Meticulous selection of materials and decoration elements according to the architecture to achieve a better design atmosphere.

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