Housing Design

  • Standard
  • $ 30/sqm
  • Residential commercial architecture. Master projects and designs created for the economic return of your investment in a short time with hi design quality.

  • PLUS
  • $ 40/sqm
  • Custom architecture of exclusive projects. Each Plus Alianz project involves custom art and design. Personalize your creation with Alianz talent.

  • Art Style
  • $ 50/sqm
  • Alianz artistic architecture. Take your project to the ultimate level of experimentation with new horizons in architecture. Scale the top of modern art.

Housing Porfolio

The Plus and Art Style designs are exclusive line. Get an original project with your unique style and give your project personality.

Housing Design Steps


1. Mindstorming & requirements

Process Start Point
The client can guide the designers with 3 types of projects:
A. Free Design: In this modality, the clients only provide minimum information of areas and style, and the rest will be in hands of the creativity.
B. Design with orientation: These are projects where the client provides basic but clear information about their tastes and preferences of design through images, areas chart, or other resources of basic requirements.
C. Guided design: In this process, the clients have a very clear predefinition of what they are looking for, and they have a basic outline to continue by the designer.

2. First Creative Model

Duration: 4 to 6 Weeks
As the intention to hire architects is to generate a design product with a lot of creativity, the first creative model. It is an original product of the company, although the client generated a brainstorm, it is the company’s criteria to design a contribution in a free style to generate new, fresh and original ideas, it’s intended to create a pattern of design and an approach new to the project. At this meeting the client is in the decision to accept the selected architectural language line, or can request changes or a completely different one.

3. Adjustments & Reviews

Duration: 4 to 12 Weeks
In adjustment models, the client has preselected a design style according to his taste,  the design constantly evolves with the feedback provided and continue to finish a stage of changes and adjustments for final approval of the client, this process is constant feedback with the client with the virtual or face-to-face meetings, the project can remain very similar to the first creative model or otherwise evolve to something totally different. Achieving the best creative product in relation to cost, size and possibilities is the objective.

4. Interior Design & Video Clips

Duration: 2 to 4 Weeks
In this stage the architectural part has been defined, the interior details and construction details are tuned with adjustments to create a clear and more defined design, where the client is oriented in a possible decoration style to feel the space. 3D video maximizes the understanding of the realistic feel of spaces. The client has in this stage one last opportunity to request changes.

5. Engeneering & Blueprints

Duration: 6 to 8 Weeks
In this part the design has been developed and approved, for which the department of plans and engineering is responsible for defining the structural, mechanical and electrical system to provide all the necessary plans for the construction process. They take into account the studies carried out on the land, and the requirements of the constructive regulations that apply to the project.

6. Stamps process & construction permit

Duration: 3 to 6 Weeks
In this phase, the company provides the services of processing all the relevant documents for the start of construction. Management of environmental license, labor policies and institutional payments are part of what makes up the management we carry out to obtain the construction permit.

7. Construction Program

Duration: 4 to 6 Weeks
Alianz.cr promotes freedom of choice and open and honest cooperation with our design clients. Find in Alianz a safe option for construction contracts in our construction schedules and budgets. Or employ a third party as a construction team and inspect your work through our construction professionals.

Other Alianz Services

Accompany the realization of your designs with a professional team dedicated to construction. Organization is everything.

Design of commercial projects to maximize the potential for profitability, use of space, and amenity through spaces that move users to create positive emotions with the design under a strong brand concept.

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